How I Got To This Point

In 2023, I hit a significant milestone in my SEO affiliate journey and sold my two affiliate websites for over a million.

It took me about four years where I am now. After endless courses, videos, and articles, let me quickly share what materials made the most impact and probably saved me years of SEO efforts:

  1. Affiliate Lab Course by Matt Diggity. It has it all about affiliate marketing, you don’t even have to read this blog. I will share my review soon.
  2. Shared.Domains. This cost-effective link-building solution helped me get high-quality backlinks for the lowest possible price. At the same time, this service is managed by SEO professionals from Ukraine and they do their best in bringing the best value to your backlinks. Check more in my huge review.
  3. Simply following the latest Google guideline on how to write high-quality product reviews. As simple as that. I do a few more tweaks when working with the content which I’ll share in this blog.
  4. Paying extra attention to Image SEO, making sure the images are unique and technically optimized.